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In Car Entertainment & Communication
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Updated: 13th July 2005


Hi there. Over the time I have spent at the " onclick=";return false; forums. I often see some of the same things being asked. Therefore in the quest to help here is FAQ for the In Car Entertainment & Communication section.

At the moment I have gathered and sifted the information in this section of the forum. If people think of good questions, and they hopefully have the answer we can try to make this into a fairly comprehensive document that will be useful to all.

Any errors/omissions please let me know.


Mobile Phones / Bluetooth Preparation

Q: I have bluetooth preparation on my car, which mobile phones will work with it.
A: Please see " onclick=";return false; ... one/index/ this site contains a list of mobile telephones supported by the BMW Bluetooth interface.

Q: Can you see SMS messages on the Radio/Navigation display when they are received?
A: SMS is not supported in any way with (or without) Pro Nav. You'll only see incoming messages on the display of your phone.

Radio and Speakers

Q: What is the difference between the Professional Radio and the Standard Business Radio?
A: The Professional Radio has the following extra features over the standard unit.
- Multi-CD Changer Support.
- Fader , Treble, Base, Balance Settings.
- Support to play/read MP3 Songs on CD.
- Two Line Display which can display track information.
- Speed/Volume Control.

Note: If you have Satellite Navigation - the Radio WILL NOT play MP3 Files.

Q: What speakers do I get with the various Audio Options?
Base/standard spec is:
* Front doors - 1 mid-range speaker near door grip
* Under front seats - 1 woofer bass unit
* Rear parcel shelf sides - 1 mid-range speaker

That equals 6 speakers

Hi-Fi speaker upgrade spec is:
* Front doors - 1 mid-range speaker near door grip
1 tweeter near side mirror
* Under front seats - 1 woofer bass unit
* Rear parcel shelf sides - 1 mid-range speaker
1 tweeter
Upgraded amplifer (more powerful, but I can't remember the watts rating)

That's 10 speakers and louder system

Hi-Fi Professional speaker upgrade spec is from Harman-Kardon:
* Front doors - x2 100mm mid-range speakers
* Side Mirror mounts - x2 41mm tweeters
* Under front seats - x2 217mm high-performance subwoofers.
* Rear parcel shelf - x2 100mm mid-range speakers
* Rear parcel shelf - x2 41mm tweeters
Upgraded 300 Watt amplifer and DSP (Logic7)

For more info, see here : " onclick=";return false;

Q: How big are the standard speakers and what are they?
A: The standard speakers in the front door skins are 11cm (4.33in in diameter. The clearance between the door skin and the window is only about 5cm (1.96in). The mid range units in the front doors (and rear parcel shelf) in standard speaker set up are Phillips 4" mid range speakers.
Rears from the standard non hifi are 3.5" and do not fit in the hifi version rear shelf. The tweeters are the same though for all tweeter locations in the e87.
The stock door speakers will fit in the hifi rear location (the ones with the mid and tweeter locations)

Q:Can I use my iPod with the BMW Radio (either version)?
A: Yes you can. All BMW 1'series models come with an Auxiliary Input in the centre console to which you can attach an IPod with the appropriate connector. A 3.5mm to 3.5mm male-to-male cable can be used. You can also by specialist docking adaptors which have a range of functions such as charging your iPod whilst connected or haivng seperate amplifiers for improved sound quality, examples of these are and
Q: How do I create an Audio CD/MP3 CD for my Radio?
A: See the guide
Q:How do I get at the front speakers to change them?
A: See this thread -
Q:How do I remove the head unit so I can replace it?
A:See this thread -
Satellite Navigation

Q: What alternatives are there to the BMW Satellite Navigation?
A: Several alternatives are available, some are:
- Tom Tom Go " onclick=";return false;
- Navman " onclick=";return false;

For an alternative why not try the new sat nav systems that use windows smartphones such as the Orange SPV E200 or C500. All these systems use the smartphone mounted somewhere in view linked to a gps receiver by bluetooth. There are three possibilities, Mapopiolis which has detailed maps but not the best navigation, Tom Tom Mobile and Co-Pilot. The phones are free under contract and the receiver/software package is not very expensive (e.g. Co-Pilot £240 for software + BT GPS unit). Check out these reviews: (n.b. you may have to join the forum to see the pictures)

Mapopolis - " onclick=";return false;

Tom Tom Mobile - " onclick=";return false;

Co-Pilot (100% coverage of UK & Ireland - Navteq maps) - " onclick=";return false;

Q: Does the Satellite Navigation System accept PostCodes?
A: Yes - Go to the city input; You can then either enter the first 4 characters of a postcode or enter the full post code (but you need to put an underscore "_" instead of a space).

Q: What is the difference between the Business Satellite Navigation and the Professional-Satellite Navigation?
A: The Business Navigation consists of: iDrive Controller, 6.5" folding colour screen, DVD Drive, Twin Radio Tuner with RDS and AUX input points, Arrow Only display with Audio Instructions.

The Professional Navigation consists of the above plus; Map Display with Audio Instructions, force feedback iDrive controller. Also a CD player is also added to the head until along with the DVD Drive. Also further key/car memory functionality available via iDrive controller/menu.

Note: If you have Satellite Navigation - the Radio WILL NOT play MP3 Files.

Q: Can you add multiple destinations to the Navigation system?
A: At the moment it appears that you can only set one destination on the Navigation systems in the 1-Series.

Q: How do you tell the Pro Nav system to stop the guidance?
A: You go to the destinations screen. Select the one you're currently following (should have a circle and arrow next to it), and it should offer you a menu with the top option being "Guidance" with a tick box next to it. Untick the box. (Its on page 113 of the manual).

Q: How do you show points of interests on the Map (such as Petrol Stations)?
A: See the quide here
Q: Does the Professional Navigation system show a 2D or 3D (Perspective) Map?
A: The Professional Navigation system shows a map in 2D mode only. However a new software upgrade is available from BMW to enable a 3D view now. This should be able to be performed by dealers.

Q: Is there any way of raising the volume of the directions voice on the Pro Navigation System?
A: When she speaks turn on the volume on the cd/dvd player and she will speak higher.


Q: How many power points are there in the car?
A: One near the Auxiliary input in the centre console (rear). If you have the smokers package there is also one at the front of the centre console. If you have the Storage Package (Option Code 493) you also get one in the boot.

Q: Just how many Cadbury Twirls can you fit in the glovebox? ;)
A: Lots and lots if broken up into small pieces!


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The original post (OP) is quite out of date (2005 ?).

Certainly the business unit in my 2009 E81 has: Fader, Bass, Treble, Balance, Volume-to-Speed and will play MP3 tracks.

The professional unit does (according to others) sound better, shows album & track names for MP3s (as opposed to just file/track numbers on the business head), displays dash read-outs such as average mpg, average mph, etc. and a few other things like output to control a CD changer.

Considering the OP is so out of date, I think it should either be updated soon or this thread removed.

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PeterM said:
Yes, I am trying to figure out how to get the front doors apart to fix upgrade speakers. Instructions say there are 3 screws, but I can only find 2...
That's right - only 2 on the facelift models, 3 on the older ones.

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Have a search through this forum (including the "how to's") for anything to do with fitting the professional head unit or Alpine upgrade kit - it's all on here somewhere.

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When you find out, let us know. You can usually see (and hear) the tweeters behind them quite easily.

Where-abouts is the 'amp' in the boot?

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Thanks for your help/time,as you lift the carpet up, it`s on the right as you look in,it`s a ally type box, approx 6ins by 9ins,will know more on Monday when i pick it up,should have waited to then,sorry,getting abit excited!

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Sounds like the MULF (communications) box to me, does it have Bluetooth or USB connectivity?
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