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So.. drove to the shops this morning and on the way, discovered that the 8 'buttons' around the iDrive knob were not working. They weren't just not doing anything on the iDrive... they weren't clicking at all. No movement in them whatsoever.
Knob and touchscreen were working fine.

In the shops for 30mins.

Out.. starts the car. Buttons back to normal. All clicky again. Working fine.

Until 20 mins later. Arrives at my next destination. Tries them and they've all 'solidified' again.

Out... shopping... back in and starts the car. All OK again.

Been working fine up to today. Nothings been spilt on there or even been near there.

Its the fact that they become 'not clicky' at all thats baffling me. No play in the buttons whatsoever when they're playing up. And all 8 too. Its not like one is broken or something sticking on it. Its the entire 8 of em.

Anyone had this? Any ideas?
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