iCarsoft i910 - OBDII reader and reset tool. This is a BMW specific code reader, not to be confused with the cheaper generic models which dont have as many features.

This has saved me a fortune in diagnostic charges over the years and been one of the most useful tools to have during my ownership. As new condition, still has the screen protector installed which you can see an air bubble under in the photo (Its not damaged).

Product Function:
• Read Trouble Codes
• Clear Trouble Codes
• Read Live Data
• Component Testing
• Clear adaptation
• Vehicle information
• Datastream Graph Display

Reads and resets Engine, Auto Transmission, ABS, Air bag, Air condition, Instrument cluster, Elec. immobilize system, ect.

Some of the most useful features i've found using this is the live data for the ABS sensors, they show which wheel is playing up. As this is a BMW specific model along with the fault codes it will give a full description of the fault too, taking away the need to look up the codes online. You can also reset Airbag lights with this tool, something that is usually only on more expensive readers.

£60 posted in the UK. £50 Posted

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