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How about a Melbourne meet?

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Going down to Melbourne this Saturday. How about a meet? Please send a PM if you are interested. Thanks
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I'd love to come and meet you aussie ******** and *******-ettes, but the flight is WAAAAY too long :lol2:

ok ok, im just jealous!
mrash said:
I'd love to come and meet you aussie b**tards and b**tard-ettes, but the flight is WAAAAY too long :lol2:

ok ok, im just jealous!
mrash, if you were there I'd come just to :telloff: :sterb: :whip: and :flush:

seriously though, a little more notice than 1 day would be nice... photowise tomorrow is a shocker- thunderstorms predicted too.
sorry gawako_syd, can I take a raincheck (literally)
130girl :redface:
130girl, I know, just looked at the forecast.. :cry: I think this meet will be an undercover carpark one ...

I'll be in Melbourne until Tuesday next week. I'll be at the Docklands, NAB building Monday and Tuesday... that's a lot of notice :)
Iwant1, Rain or shine :?:
gawako_syd, rain or shine, all good. Monday is good too. If nothing else, will drop by to say hello and take group pics of 1er of course. We cannot be outdone by our overseas brothers and sisters!
mrash, if you were there I'd come just to :telloff: :whip:
In that case... flight is booked!!! :rollseyes:
Iwant1, Ok let's do it on Monday. Plans changed leaving, Sunday instead. I hope other Melbournians can come too even just for a group pic.
Iwant1, Just sent a PM...
gawako_syd, got it.

Hey there all other Melbourniens! Here is your chance to be part of the FIRST Australian meet!
Hey guys c'mon it'll be interesting ...
I hope you guys post lots of pics of the meet, looks like a great spot
Hi all Melbourne members,
We are still keen to meet the Melbourne members. I'll be in Melbourne until Tuesday. Meeting two members and wishing there will be more...
Just confirming, we are meeting at 6.30pm today. Venue: Docklands just look for the cow on the tree. :)
Yeah, drop by for a group pic even if you can't stay long.
ooooooooooooh, good to see another member has put their hand up. I'm trying to move a few things around so I can be there but it does not look good. Don't have time to clean my babybeemer after last week's rain too :(

Pleeeeeeeeease take some nice photos so babyBMW members can see what a great city we live in. If you are looking for another nearby place, I did a drive around the GP circuit on the weekend. Most of the corners are finished but the chain fences and wooden posts are still up so they obstruct the corner signage and you can't get on the ripple strips.

The pedestrian bridge over the north most part of the track has been built so I think there would be a good photo opportunity under it in the late afternoon shooting towards the east. See sector C6 on the map below. Car park at I6 is also a good one shooting towards the city. They are about 5-10mins from Docklands (good opportunity for convoy shots too).

If I can make it, I will be on time at Docklands.


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130girl, Don't worry about it! You should see my car, all the road kills (bugs) are still planted on the bonnet. :cry:
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