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hi guys
ive got an 08 123d e82 with xenons that I have recently had into the dealer to sort a headlight washer leak under warranty.
washers have been working ok up until today, topped up fluid and on the first squirt with headlights on, the washers didn't pop up and fluid p*ssed out underneath the car. on inspection in the engine bay it looked like fluid had sprayed everywhere on the RHS inside the bay, I tried the washers again and could see the actual unit was spraying but not lifting out of the bumper as it should :( the LHS washer wasn't working either and seemed like there was no fluid getting there. any ideas? sods law car is out of warranty now but not sure how to check to see whats gone wrong, if its a loose pipe ill go mad and ring the dealer to get it fixed for free as its only just been fixed!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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