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Headlight Condensation

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Noticed on my 120d Xenons there is condensation forming on the inside of the unit, is this to be expected in colder weather? Or faulty?
Pic below...



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Sadly, I think this is the norm across the BMW range!

I had it on my E81 with xenons, and my E91 with xenons does this faint misting as seen in your picture.

It always clears though on my car, and only seems associated with cool or wet weather.

The manual even mentions that due to the weather this may occur, and that it is not a fault. I think BMW only entertain a replacement if you have actual water droplets inside the lens!
Not faulty. Mine does this too. Nothing to worry about.
Saw a post on the f10 saying if you put some gel silica packs on the inside of the cover for the headlights it will stop it and just need to microwave them once every 3 months to dry them out no need to buy new ones.
Thanks for the feedback, glad to know it's normal.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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