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Greetings all,

Selecting Gear is revolutionising the way that the trade and public buy and sell motor vehicles.

By offering a fantastic two-tiered service, with fees that represent exceptional value for money and a method of buying and selling that offers peace of mind for all parties, Selecting Gear is looking be the default site to connect enthusiasts looking to buy and sell interesting and eclectic motor vehicles and motoring ephemera.

We're always looking for intersting vehicles to list through the site.

There is zero cost to the seller and the ability to add a reserve to mitigate risk.

Any car referred via BabyBMW will result in the forum receiving a percentage of our commission.

Any questions please contact us, and if you have an appropriate car you're looking to sell, we would be delighted to have it on the site.

Look out for my OG M2 coming in to the auction soon :cry:

All the Best,

Selecting Gear
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