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FS - 2013 M135i EB, Auto, 5 Door - £19000

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Been pondering selling my M135i for a while to save a bit of money for a couple of years by running something cheaper :cry:

Spec is:
5 door
EB, Black leather, Brushed Aluminium
Harman Kardon
Heated front seats
Full black panel
Extended bluetooth
Comfort pack (Cruise, F+R parking sensors)
Storage pack

Just under 20k miles at the moment, but driven daily so increasing.

Unfortunately both of the front wheels have some damage, this is shown in the pics below. Also a small scuff on the driver seat from getting in and out.

Registered July 14th 2013, so just under 6 months warranty left. Halfway between first and second service.

Based in Berkshire.


Front right

Front left

Back right

Back left

Drivers seat
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Looks like back right could do with a little air

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Thanks, I've pumped them all up a bit since then.

Think the back right looks a bit lower because it's got more weight on it due to the slope of the drive.
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