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I have exactly the same setup as you and I feel the same about it. It wanders everywhere. Feels unstable at high speeds and under braking. The back also squats down under hard acceleration and makes the front end light. I also find that if I let the car roll forward a little bit from a standstill and then come to a stop again - it bounces momentarily and takes a while to settle.

I thought it was just me but clearly not if you're also finding the same. It's bothering me so much that I considered putting it back to stock or trying a Bilstein B16 kit or KW V3.

Is it because of the damping or maybe the spring rates being different from standard? Maybe someone with more knowledge will know.
hello mate,
If you are saying when you creep forward on a flat surface and the car “bounces” a little after bringing the vehicle to a stop again that would concern me.
I would suspect the installation of the control arms wasn’t done properly.
maybe the torquing procedure was done incorrectly.
the car needs to be on the ground when tightening up both sets of arms, or at least the front wheels jacked up to actual driving height before tightening sequence.
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