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Hope I'm not breaking any forum rules posting here. If unsuitable please remove.
As a new member I cannot send PM's but would like to contact Jabber re his smart top in the fore sale section. I would be grateful if he could message or ring me on 07866635366.

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I have sent Jabber a PM about this. You just cant reply in the For Sale section.

You should be able to send PM's ok.

Just search for all of Jabber's posts and there will be the option to contact the user under their avatar.

Once contact has been made, please let myself or a Mod know and we can look at deleting this thread.


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Aycee said:
Thanks for that. I did try to send a PM but its just sitting in my outbox, not going anywhere! Hopefully he will be in touch.
PM's sit in your Outbox until read by the recipient, it's a great way to know you're not being ignored. :)
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