Hi all,

I have various sets of F Series Brembo brake calipers available, which are an easy retrofit onto E8x cars. Fronts are bolt on fitment with the F series 340mm front disc and the rears are fitted by way of eccentric rear bushings which are pressed into the rear calipers.

The photo below shows what I have available, and I have all of the calipers listed on eBay for full buyer peace of mind.

The prices are as follows:

Fronts - £429 delivered
Rears - £329 delivered

Open to a sensible offer, that is close to the asking price - these are already priced fairly given their condition when compared to most on eBay.

Importantly, all bleed nipples are free moving and the pistons (and seals) are all good.

NB: Picture with my user name will be uploaded within the next hour