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I have just retrofit Xenon lights in my e87 with FMRII. For my surprise it worked with rear halogen lights, no need to retrofit the leds light that I bought in purpouse. Why is it that because the BMW TIS indicate that I need rear leds for Xenon. Perhpas it is only if I mount FMRIII?

Also I have the headlights of a e82, that means they can with the led strip in the top of the headlights. Now is not working because I need a FMR III for that. Other option is to make a bridge with the daylights, which avoid me to buy an install a new FMR III. Do you recomend this?

Finally I have only refrofitted the front xenon level sensors (It was a matter of time) dont have the time for the rear sensors and have to move to another country. The thing is If I retrofit the rear sensor levels do I need to codify the module again.

Also the pin for the FMR III and FMR II are the same?

Thank you
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