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First review of the new focus RS is out

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First review is out, basically it offers dimensions other rivals can't, I think they are referring to the drift mode which they love.
They said it's not faster than the A45 and barely feels any faster than the Honda Civic type R which is 40 bhp down on the RS. It wasn't a completely glowing review as I expected, they also mentioned the seating position was too high, the interior too close to the standard car as is the exterior, it has more body roll than the A45 aswell, Other than that they called it a game changer??

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Think you posted this in the wrong section bud ;)
Someone posted a cashed link to the Autocar review.

They had apparently released it early, then removed it. They gave it 5 stars.

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Id certainly love to drive one! It looks ok but not special enough unfortunately
I'll be getting to see and get a ride in one very soon.
Looks good and I reckon it won't take long before these are at at least 450bhp.
Looks like the yanks have got this 2.3 ecoboost well tuned by now. :cool2:

new intake, exhaust manifold, intercooler, oil cooler, downpipe, a new BorgWarner turbocharger and a turbo downpipe alongside some ECU tuning, the car delivers a mighty 500 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque
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