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I have a F20 118i 2015 with the N13 engine.

Recently had problems with engine not starting and had to get it sorted.

New coils, plugs, injectors, timing chain, battery and the ECU reconditioned.

In for 12 weeks and cost £3,500.

My problem is the i-Drive settings are very limited
Limited settings, no sound, no engine oil or tyre monitoring, cannot set clock, cannot update firmware etc, etc.

The garage that carried out the repair told me it will recover once the battery has recharged?

I have reset the i-Dive with no change and have not disconnected the battery in-case I loose everything.

Is there anyway to update the firmware without going into the i-drive?

Do not really want to go back to the garage as it could be costly due to elimination costs (change i-Drive unit, battery again etc).

Any ideas??

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