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Hi everyone Ive bought myself a bmw m135i pre lci, Ive only ever driven Audis before this ngl best change ever this car the way it drives is just mind blowing, definitely gonna be sticking around bmw for next car too.

As I wrote in the title can I put f30 interior parts in my m135i, I have the pro nav option on my car and I read around that there was a chance I could get idrive 6 custom flashed on my head unit if I had a evo id4 unfortunately my car came out I bit early so I have the non evo idrive4 I had CarPlay and android auto in my last car and have been using it for the past 3 years even though the bmw system is nice but I want CarPlay again without adding a piggy back box or android screen.

so back to my question can I add 3 series interior parts to my m135i because I have seen cheaper prices for f30 id6 than f20 head units also they have the gloss black panel with ambient lighting which I want since my car has the lighting pack on it too.

i do apologise for the long post

thank you so much for your help
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