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F20 indicator stalk

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Hi all, I am looking at retrofitting high beam assist and heated steering wheel.
I have all the parts but I can not for the life of me source the right indicator stalks with HBA and HSW with rear wiper for a LCI.

Does anyone know of a good place to get these parts or does anyone have one they are selling?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Anyone know of any place to source one or has anyone got one for sale?
If you can’t find the exact part number you need on eBay, you’ll probably need to just go for a new one. Have you asked Cotswold to quote?
Yeah mate I did ask cotswold, and the quote is £527.77…………… I know 😳
HSW activation button isn't on the stalk its on the l/h side of the lower column shroud.
Yeah I’ve got that part mate but apparently in need the right squib/szl as it has the extra plug slot.

This thing must be super rare as I can’t find one anywhere.
I did the HSW retrofit on my M140i. You are correct in that there is a plug on the underside of the switch cluster that is required and there are no pins present unless you have the correct part (as you have correctly identified).

My car already had HBA so what you're looking for is the same as I had to acquire to do my HSW retrofit. I've actually got an LCI and LCI2 version of the correct switch cluster part that you need and am currently running the LCI2 version. Yours is a 2018 LCI2 presumably? Shame as if it was an LCI I have the correct part in my garage and it's spare and not required!
Forgive me for being stupid but what is the difference between LCI and LCI2??
Im really not sure if mines a LCI2? My car is a 2018 shadow edition build date 28/11/2018 if that helps?

Could you please send me some pictures of your spare one , front and back just so I can show my retrofitter. It may be the one I’m after?
I have these style stalks but my current ones don’t have the HBA. Is this what you mean by LCI2?

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I have these style stalks but my current ones don’t have the HBA. Is this what you mean by LCI2?

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The picture you posted up is LCI2 (well, might not exactly line up with LCI2 changes but close enough)

And then this is LCI stalk (and may even be pre-LCI also) and that's the spare one I have in my garage.

I originally did the retrofit with the LCI one and then found the LCI2 one on ebay recently. Switched it over but my car needs an istep update and coding as the LCI2 indicator operates differently and it won't self cancel at the moment as the car don't understand it properly. Just living with the issue for now until I get it updated and coded.

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Ah that’s a shame, I was really hoping you had the one I’m after.
Really do appreciate you taking the time out to help me and teach me what LCI2 is.

The search continues

Thanks again mate.👍
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