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F20 120D Sport

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Hi everyone,

just little over a week I'm a 120D owner, after 8 years of driving swedish metal I finally switched to BMW, been thinking about for couple of years already, but you know, it's hard to switch when you're so used to something :D

I know this particular car has been featured in 1addictsf20 forum, but not sure about babybmw.

about car- been looking for well equipped car only, with xenons, big navi and automatic gearbox, also Harman Kardon was on the wishlist as I know how bad stock sound system is and as tech geek I knew I gonna hate my car if the multimedia part won't be at it's best.

Few photos from first roadtrip

And here are few before/after photos of recent alloy swap. btw, thanks to member cotswoldbmwmini for them, got them yesterday, well worth travelling 120miles one way :D

on style 382

and here on style 436m

Also few mods in mind- darkline taillights, already tried to photoshop that look in first photo and I kinda like it. And also thinking about exhaust tailpipes, this small single one doesn't fit roughly 7sec 0-60mph car.. imho :D

That's all for now, will update this thread later with more photos and finished mods.
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Welcome! Well worth waiting for the right car to come along.

Hope you're enjoying it!

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So today I finally received my dark line rear lights, some pics before/after


removed side by side

left dark line and right original

and both darklines

Probably difference isn't very noticable on the pictures but in real life dark lines looks much nicer and gives fresh look to the car.

I have pair of standard rear lights for sale now, PM if you're interested ;)
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