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Hi all,
Brand new to bmw and only had mine for a year. Audio quality was driving me mad.
After lots of searching about upgrades I have to say I wasn't keen to pay a premium when it's not really required.
So here's how to 5.25" in the front door, please follow the other threads for door card removal.

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Tinydubs said:
How on earth do you get pics from phone up?
I use the tapatalk. Makes uploading photos very easy

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Or get a photobucket account and copy and paste the IMG code on to here

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OK will try and make this as comprehensive as possible.

Once you have the door trim off, remove all the plastic clips as you'll need to offer up a few times.

First of be sure your radio is off! No mishaps wanted.

Remove the existing speaker, cut the cables and prep for additional wiring. Use solder and heatshrink for reliable connections of the new stuff, do this first. And tie back out of the way.

The area around the old speaker should be dressed inwards with a hammer, tape it up with masking tape , and ensure window is up before you start.
10 mm should easily fold back take your time and be mindful of the electric window motor at the bottom edge. Touch up paint as required.

Next remove the grille from the door card, tabs are on the back.
On the back of the door card you will see the old speaker seat area. Use this to centralise your new speaker, Mark up and drill as shown above.
You can only use 2 screws due to the orientation.( don't worry, got a solution)

Trim the speaker seat back flush with the door card using a new Stanley blade. Once flat offer up the speaker to see how much is coming off.
Trim the plastic back, and keep offering up until you have clearance on the surround.

Fix the speaker in position, connect wiring and offer up the door card, the screws for handle should fit easily if this is correctly done.
Check using a nice bassy track and decent volume that the surround isn't touching the door card and chaffing.

Once happy with trial fit.remove the door card and Bond the speaker using pu adhesive (tigerseal etc), be careful not to force it under to far. tigerseal holds bodywork no problem so there's no issues here, plus it seals the gaps.

Refit the door card and enjoy.

I now have the vibe slick 5 components upfront with tweeters in oe housings, running on the stock head unit.

Underseat subs changed out for vibe slick 6 component,mdf adapter , wired direct as original.

Rear speakers are vibe slick 4 Co axial

All in achieved for around £150, it sounds great. No rattles, no need for amps unless you want serious volume.
Tone settings are 2 clicks extra treble, -2 clicks for bass.

I listen to a good range of music from 80s rock to trance and certainly would recommend these.

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