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Expecting delivery of your 1 Series??

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Excited about collecting your in the coming months :?:

Well this is the thread to rant and rave about it :D

Tell us what you ordered and when you'll get

Share your excitement about picking up your shiny new car.

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@Stuartdjgolfprodunne: mine was ordered somewhere end May / begin June and is set to be delivered around end of August / begin September. So you'll have to think about delivery times around 2-3 months. However this depends on engine type I guess and the amount of options. Someone waited nearly six months for his 135i.

Your dealer can tell you the production date (I believe) and also when it's due to be delivered.
I believe the new version is coming 2011 - but from the previews I've seen (spy shots etc) I'm glad I'll have the current edition. (except for the 1M that's coming).
Waiting for specially ordered 118d M sport coupe, titanium silver with black leather and aluminium trim. Should be picking it up mid september. Dealer offered £1500 more for my ultra low mileage (7K miles) 07 Ibiza Tdi sport than anyone else.
At one point was thinking about a Ford! Must have been going off my trolley :lol2:
Just hope its here before 25th June as its our transport to Malaga this year, should be nicely run in by the time its back in the UK..
Dealer rang me yesterday
Car has bin made but still in Germany. Looking at Mid August

End of September should all go by the book

Not quite expecting but thought I would post my experience info may be useful from some.

Ordered end of May (around 28th) delivered 22July.

123d M Sport Coupe

White with bluetooth, red leather 18's and cruise control. I have defected from being a LONG time Alfa driver.
First post :D

I ordered a 135i a couple of weeks ago, been told end of September. A mate of a mate has just taken delivery of his 135i, 10 weeks from order to delivery at the dealer.

Quite excited, changing from an Audi S3.
Stuartdjgolfprodunne said:
What are waiting times like just now.? I am getting a 118d se company car its a 5door and its in alpine white just standard.

It was ordered 4 weeks ago. Anyone got any idea when I can expect it?

Also when is the new model due? Am I silly getting this car now?
Mine is a 116 SE 5Door in Alpine White. I did spec some extra equipment also. I ordered mine on the 11th May. It was ready for me to collect on the 16th June.

Exactly 5 weeks and 1 day from order to collection. :)
HN1989x said:
Mine is a 116 SE 5Door in Alpine White. I did spec some extra equipment also. I ordered mine on the 11th May. It was ready for me to collect on the 16th June.

Exactly 5 weeks and 1 day from order to collection. :)
My 116i Sport (Alpine White) was 5 weeks and 1 day from order to collection as well!
Well I have ordered my 116i Sport (ordered on Tuesday) been told it will be late September/early October :)

So based on others experiences sounds about right :)

Will be my 2nd car - current car is a Clio :)
Ordered mine last Thursday, Should arrive around mid October..

120 M sport coupe in Black

.. Just a little exited..
The nice girl at the dealership said the factory in Germany pretty much shuts down for August.
Ordered a 120d in Montego Blue (+ electric seats + Prof Audio with USB + Comfort Pack which now includes Cruise Control + Sports Seats) on Tuesday 17th Aug and was told to expect delivery late September early October. The dealer, Coopers of Reading, altered an order they had already placed. Couldn't give an exact date as it depended how soon it gets to the UK after the build.

I had a hard look at the new Alfa Giulietta, including an extended test drive - lovely car, but as it's going to be the only car for two of us I didn't want to risk the infamous Alfa reliability reputation.
We ordered a 5 door 120d M Sport in July, now at the stealers ready for a 2/9 delivery date.
LeMans blue
Black Boston/heated/memory
5 year service deal
Comfort pack
Folding mirrors

Thats all (I think).

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Ordered 135i on 8/27 - space grey, red Boston leather, premium, sport, navigation, heated seats, sat radio.

Dealer told me 6-8 weeks. Hope no longer!!!
Get my 120d M Sport Coupe on Wednesday
60 plate :D
Bet you can't wait till Wednesday, I'm sure you're going to love it, don't forget to post some pics, there's just not enough Coupe's around. :thumbs:
trident 3 said:
Bet you can't wait till Wednesday, I'm sure you're going to love it, don't forget to post some pics, there's just not enough Coupe's around. :thumbs:
Cheers mate
Ill be taking some pics tomorrow :D
I ordered a new 123d M Sport in space grey metallic last month and went back to the dealer to discuss a few other bits and bobs and was informed it had literally just been programmed for production on 16th August. I have been a VW owner for many years now, having owned a Polo, Jetta, couple of Golfs, a Passat and now a '55 registered 2.0 GT TDI. VW offered me a lousy part exchange deal against a new VW GTD or GTI, so I wandered into the BMW dealership on a wet and windy day and came out four hours later, having driven a 120d. Suitably impressed, some 24 hours later, I returned and placed my order, primarily because of the forthcoming 20% VAT increase in January 2011, my VW starting slowly to show her age and the BMW dealership offering me a significantly better part exchange deal, I have no idea when I will get it, though I reckon around the end of September or beginning of October, or am I being too optimistic? Any comments anyone wishes to offer me I'd be very grateful for, as I've never driven one before, will be new to rear wheel drive and would simply appreciate any comments which you may consider appropriate. Cheers for now and more news later as I get it!
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midlifecrisis welcome to the forum.

I guess that basically any driven wheel will tend to corkscrew or wind its way towards to the outside of a bend when applying power. This is true of a FWD & RWD, particularly so in the wet and dependent on the amount of power put down. Most of the time it is not a problem with either and with FWD ultimately one tends to get frustrated with understeer so the tendency is to lift off a little to bring it back in with a bit of overersteer. With RWD power leads to oversteer which helps a little with steering but ultimately one could get a bit sideways or spin out . To day traction control and all the other safety bits and pieces does keep a little eye on these things but it is a bit slow. The one series also tends to patter or lift rear wheels over rough roads. This can provoke the traction control and tend to push the rear end out a little too. It is really about learning ones car. The manual response comes soon enough it is just taking ones time at first and as you will be running it in I expect ou will learn things fast enough.

I hope that your wait will soon pass.
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