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Error code

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Hi guys,

So, finally for My Carly to update battery as changed to a standard one, 80ah, 720cca (stop start still doesn't work)

Did a fault check and aprt from most my glow plugs apparently needing doing.... Great! It came up with fault 00A559 (cluster shutdown?) and 00452A which appears to mean my DPF is nearing end of its life :(

So was wondering, how many miles are we getting out of the DPF? Mines currently on 136,000, but being a lot of motorway runs I'd assume the DPF if in good shape?

Will change all glow plugs when I remove EGR to clean but not really wanting to replace DPF as about to replace clutch and DMF thanks to clutch judder :(

Weirdly, no fault showing for stop start.... Go figure....
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Do you mean you've coded in a standard Lead Acid battery? Or an AGM?

DPF's aren't maintenance free forever, eventually ash builds up which can't be burned out. Using the best low saps oils will help delay DPF trouble, but at your mileage I'd be expecting to have to give it some attention.
Standard lead instead of AGM.... Seems nothing was wrong with my original battery so not sure why my stop start doesn't work but as it was old I changed it anyway and with not using stop start, no need to pay double the price for AGM at a time when big expenses like clutch so even if I have to change it again in a couple of years it's worth it.... Think it's a 3 or 5 year guarantee in it though.
I'm not sure stop/start will function with a Lead Acid coded in?
It has more power than the AGM did.... But as it didn't work with the last one either which had nothing wrong with it I guess I'll never know on that one.

Just got to keep fingers crossed its wrong about DPF

The joys of modern vehicles.... Not everything is better
Can you remove the DPF and have it cleaned / back-flushed??
If it comes to it that is one thing I'm intending to look into before replacing....

But as soot level should be kept low by regen anyway not sure why they need replacing and if they do how cleaning would help... Seems more research needed

Will have a look on Carly later to see what the soot level actually is.
As I understand it, there's a big difference between flammable soot and unburnable ash?
You'll need an AGM for stop start to work. You should have bought at AGM battery for the car really. I know the specs look the same or the lead acid is better but the AGM is more cycle friendly and will last longer.

You need to see to the glow plugs sooner rather than later. You car won't regen with any glow plug faults as it uses them in the regen.

So that's why you'll have the DPF code. I've done a lot of reading into this at the moment. You also need to check both your thermostats are good, coolant must be above 75 degrees c also.

There is a DPF add on in carly that you can use to force a regen. I'd get the glow plugs done (carefully) and clear the error codes.

Also, if it does come down to it, cleaning the DPF is fine. You just need to backflush it with a jet wash until the water coming out is clear. It'll save you the cost of a new one.

However try forcing a regen through carly first and see if you can improve things because taking an exhaust system apart that's been stuck together for 10 years and 137000 miles is going to be fun.
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Thanks for tip on glow plugs.... Will order them now as only £40 for 4

According to Carly soot is 28 and ash is 49
Typical, my plugs are more expensive at £70 but on up side the garage converting my van said they will pay for the garage next door to them to fit them for me and pay them to do my clutch and DMF at no charge to me!.... How lucky am I!

They also are fitting double din satnav (good quality one) with supplying facia, link cables etc. All in for £515 so it's a late xmas for me :)
Blimey sounds like a good deal!
In all fairness it is to make up for delays on a very big conversion on my VW T5 but timed well and glad they have shad delays as now helped me out with car :)

The only thing that will be left for me to do is clean the EGR :)
0l0dom0l0 said:
You need to see to the glow plugs sooner rather than later. You car won't regen with any glow plug faults as it uses them in the regen.
Mine did when one was down, re-gen worked for months with no problem, replaced the glow plug and gained about 2 mpg though.

Jus' sayin'
I'm replacing all 4 as according to Carly 3 have faults..... Runs fine but Be interesting to see the difference :)
Turns out one injector washer is also gone....

But Alpine ICX7 fitted with facia and wire to steering wheel buttons now fitted and clutch being supplied and fitted with DMF and all glow plugs fitted (I supplied plugs) all for £500.... Happy days :)

Hopefully now the regen will kick in as my ash is 49 and soot is 28 according to Carly
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