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Buying my 1 series was my first experience with them and it's left a bitter after taste.

Everything went well up until I had placed the order (plenty of "Hi Chris" and free coffees etc...). But then for some reason the dealer vanished. I just couldn't get hold of him on the phone and was told that "he is on holiday" and "he's off ill" by different members of staff. Now, for me, the real test of customer service is how good they are at fixing things when they go wrong. Things did go wrong but Rydale Sutton didn't seem to cope very well. I had to do a lot of chasing up to get things like registration paperwork, finance documents etc... signed. This was done by a different member of staff who had only been there a couple of weeks, and all done a few days before I was to collect the car. I've never bought a new car before (or even a car from a garage before) so the whole process was new to me, and it should have been them letting me know when it was time to do things, as opposed to the other way around. It felt a bit like the blind leading the blind!

Come collection day, I had been assigned a new dealer (as the last one had actually left under medical reasons). I ended up waiting nearly an hour (which felt like forever as I was waiting for my new toy) before being seen by anyone, and even then it wasn't the new dealer that completed the hand over with me - it was the business manager. I've still had nothing to do with the guy that probably got the commission in the end :roll:

So overall, bit of a mixed experience. When things were going right, they were great. As mentioned elsewhere on the forums, things like free coffee and everyone knowing your name really do add to the experience. Everyone I came into contact with was very helpeful and courteous, it's just a shame that "the bit in the middle" was so messy.
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