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I bought my 118d from here...via the phone! I knew exactly what I wanted so it was really a matter of price. I have had no problems what so ever with this dealer to date, tho I will see how they handle the whole scenario of my One point to note was that when I was looking at buying the car I wanted black, then someone mentioned the blue colour and I couldn't find it anywhere. I asked Altwood if they could find me one and tell me where it was but they went a step better and actually sent a driver up in a blue car for me to look at. He just drove up, showed me the car and then drove back, so a 500ish mile round trip, but it made the decision for me.

Delivery was on time and the car came up on a single car trailer. It was all as wanted excpet the paint problem.

As mentioned in the I have had to sort out a paint problem which to this point has been organised proffessionally, will see how the work is done for them by Sytners and if they pay the £10 extra for having a BMW rental! :roll:

Friendliness: 6
Knowledge: 7
Communication: 7
Booking in speed: 6
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