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Eibach anti roll bars

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Are these are worthwhile mod to reduce roll in a f20. This is in addition to the f21 brace. My car is adaptive on oem springs
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I also would like to know

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They will reduce roll, but a little roll isn't much of an obstacle to going around corners quickly. It's a little spooky, but that's about it. Roll actually gives you more notice before one end lets go.

I suspect what you really want is more in the corners? Less understeer and more grip? Once the usual Eibach springs are on, I'd add some front neg camber with some M4 LCA's. Then pop some decent tyres on, and then see how she feels.

Once the basics were sorted, I'd then fine tune the balance with ARB's and/or rear spacers, if necessary.
Agree with MP do bits incrementally starting with cheaper stuff first. Fitting better springs will help.

Stiffer rear roll bar on OEM (relatively stiff) rear springs may hinder traction more than improve things.
I know there'll be some very conflicting views, but from everything I've done and tried, all the car needs is slightly stiffer front springs (which the Eibachs and others such as M235i fronts/Birds B1s/BMW M-Performance give) and a bit more front camber. Avoid going too low.

If you want to keep going at it and make a track car, then by all means go silly. But for B-road munching, that'll do.

The ARBs are also a pig to fit, subframe work and full alignment.
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