Here's a good value brake upgrade for the E8x cars.

Please see my stock E92 335i calipers for sale following my upgrade to the newer generation Brembos all round. The 335i setup is plug and play and allows running much larger rotors than the stock E8x setup. Here's a comparison against the 130i brakes.

Front: 348x30mm versus 330x24mm
Rear: 336x22mm versus 300x20mm

The front calipers are aluminium and 2 piece rotors can be sourced to keep weight down. A large selection of pads are available. The same master cylinder is used across the E8x and E9x cars so feel would be retained. Other members have done this upgrade.

I've thrown some degreaser at them as a start, but ideally they would be attacked with a wire drill attachment and painted. They can be made to look pretty good behind the wheel, please see these photos of the full caliper set and some that another former owner refurbished

Price: £100 plus delivery or can be collected from Andover, Hampshire.

Any questions, please let me know.