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non-comfort access grab handles are the same partnumbers for all the E8x range:
51210445180 right " onclick=";return false;
51210445181 left " onclick=";return false;

So the grab handles must be physically the same in all the E8X cars but the CA handles appear to be different partnumber wise... Anyone know the difference between E88 CA to E82/E87/E81??

The partnumbers for exterior grab handles with comfort access are different between E88 and E87

E87 CA handles part numbers are the same for E81 and E82:
51217207534 right " onclick=";return false;
51217207531 left " onclick=";return false;

E88 CA handles do not share the same part numbers with the other E8x:
51217207557 left " onclick=";return false;
51217207560 right " onclick=";return false;
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