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E87 Passenger footwell water

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Hi guys,

Over the past few days it's rained pretty heavily. I've now got a decent build up of water in the passenger footwell. Looks like it's mainly coming from the door side of the floor. I've read alot about air conditioning drains causing this problem but I've not had the AC on for months.

The side walls are not wet at all so it doesnt appear to be coming in from the engine bay, glove box or door seals. Could there be hole in the floor?


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is it coming from the rear forward ? is it wet under the back seat base's
ps piccy links dont work

No its litteraly just in the front quarter of the front passenger footwell. Worse towards the door corner.

Pics below this time from photobucket!


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Door moisture membrane between the door and door card has probably failed.
Have you checked the drains on the outer sides of the bulkhead under the bonnet for leaves? Can cause water to come in through the heater / pollen filter vents. Had this on an e91, affected passenger footwell too.

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