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E82 123D O/S/F side light stays on

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Hi, I'm a newby to the forum but have read lots of posts here which have helped me a lots with my new 2008 123D but this one has me stumped!

After purchasing the car I noticed I had a front drivers side light out, on further inspection I found no bulb in the holder and when I replaced the bulb the side light remains on even when all the lights are turned off and car is locked!

Has anyone else experanced the same problem? The car has just the standard lights with the auto on function.. Any advice would be greatly apriciated..
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Sounds like a failed FRM module.
Thanks.. What is a FRM module? I've seen light control modules for sale on eBay. Will I need a replacement or is it something that can be repaired?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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