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E81 M Pack Lowering Springs

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Hello friends,

In first place, i would like to say sorry for my english (portuguese guy over here).

This is my car, a 2007 E81 (118d) M pack running style 216 wheels with 215/40/18 on the front and 245/35/18 on rear.

I think that he is to "high" and i would like to ask if these lowering springs are good enough to lower him.

I saw this two which lowering measures are: 30 mm / 25 mm. Will they fit? Are they okay to buy and install or the difference will not be "good"?

Here are they:

Thank you all for help and again, i am sorry.
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Eibach Pro springs will lower an E81 safely, top quality.

Be aware, they sometimes lower the front more than the back giving a slightly raked appearance.
Hey friend. Thanks for the help. Do you think 30 mm / 25 mm it's okay, then? It's not to 'low or to high' comprared with stock m pack springs? I am a noob in this, sorry.
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