Hi all,

Having a small garage clear-out and have a few 130i parts to move on.

Firstly, and mainly, I have a set of faulty xenon headlights. The driver side headlamp has failed. I understand the issue to be the ballast control unit. I paid £426 for a replacement secondhand set so am selling these for £200 collected, which would seem about right?

I know these are sought-after for converting from the standard headlights so I'm hoping that someone who has the skills to do that would take the fix in their stride!

I'll add a photo of them on the car as well as the sale pics.

Additionally I have the following for sale/collection (if I'm allowed to stick in the same post...):

2) Standard springs - free to collect

3) Rear brake discs (used for a few thousand miles maybe before I sourced some BMWP rear brakes) - say £50

4) Steering wheel trim (some peeling of the rubber coating) - say £20?!

5) ZHP gear knob, 6-speed - £15??

6) Some ///M wheel stickers (I think!) - think they were for a planned wheel refurb on my Z4. Not sure if of use to anyone? Free to anyone that wants, just message and I'll stick in the post.

Photos to follow. Don't think I have the skills to post the photos next to the relevant text but I'm sure you can all work out what is what! :D

All the best,