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hi this is my first post so please dont bite my head off :p

i recently purchased a 123D E81 that had been remapped, i discovered the dpf had been gutted so i ordered a downpipe with my milltek. i took the dpf off and there was still about an inch of honeycomb left in there ... not really sure why.
ive then fitted the new pipe but the down pipe only came with the threaded sensor connectors and not the thin pipe that then connects to a rubber hose and then too the backpressure sensor, im just wondering if this car has already had the software deleted should i be blocking this pipe up or leaving it open to atmposphere?

im taking a guess that its had the software deleted becuase there's no warning signs on so far and its been 3 days.

Also just to add it now sounds like a rally car :eek2: im not too sure how i feel about this

2009 model ..2.75"milltek and amazon special n47 downpipe
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