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Hello all,

So I bought a 116d that I knew was "running slow" as a runabout for myself. By running slow, the owner meant "it only does 15mph so your 10 mile journey home is going to take an hour".

Anyway, I doubt the turbo or actuator is knackered as the zero to 15 is pretty quick. First thing I noticed was the engine temp light came on as soon as I'd left sellers driveway. Checked coolant before and it was fine. Definitely not overheating, and as you can see from the Bimmerlink data (stone cold engine when I checked) the temp sensor thinks 128c always.

Other things I noticed was -40c exhaust temp before DPC, lambda data off, and an error code for oil level.

What do you think I should change/order first?

Actuator moves by the way, but only when ignition is turned on, or off. I couldn't move it by that normal?

Thanks in advance

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