Selling some parts that I had gathered but never fitted to my old F20.

These parts are for retrofitting under door handle LEDs (as shown in example below).

Included are the four door handle covers and four LEDs required. You may need to add additional wiring and coding to complete this retrofit, but these are the key parts for retrofitting to the doors. There are various instructions available online (see here for F31 instructions, which is basically the same)

Parts included:

Left side LEDs7277447x2
Right side LEDs7277448x2
Cover Right7162432x1
Cover Right (With Lock hoole)7162440x1
Cover Left7162433x2

All covers are primed, with the exception of one which is painted in Alpine White (I believe?), but this can be easily sanded back to primer.

Body jewelry Silver Jewellery Font Metal
Vehicle Wood Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle door
Font Cable Wire Transparency Event
Handwriting Font Material property Wood Paper

In total, I spent £96 getting all these parts together - so this is a bit of a bargain at nearly half the cost - £50 inc. postage.