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Detailed M135i

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So you guys may remember I posted with the steps I was going to take to detail my car, all 20 of the steps, well 40 with the tea breaks and here is the finished result of 8 hours hard labour, blood, sweat and tears!!!
And then it began to rain
Before and after!! Or after and before. Enjoy folks! If you have any questions leave them here, I'm quite proud of this work!!!

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Very nice mate. Well done. Looks ace
Great results there OP - you may want to at least blank your number plate out and re upload pics though. In addition to this everyone can see what number (and house name) you live at which, if that way inclined wouldn't be hard to find where the car sleeps at night.

Just a thought - unfortunately it won't just be like minded friendly peeps who use the forum.
Looks good, well done :thumbs: There's a great sense of satisfaction once you complete a big detail.
Thanks! It is a proud moment when you look at the car when it's done and it looks brand new!!! Time for the M4 next weekend!

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Looking good, nothing like a good hard days cleaning/detailing :thumbs:

Looks exactly like the car we have on order (from the outside at least), so nice to see what it will look like when it arrives and is cleaned :)
looking good had mine a week and its filthy already :eek2:

your kidney grills and the trim around the air intakes under the lights did you wrap them?
You've missed removing the plate on one of the photos.

Looks good. Hopefully I'll have time to do mine soon. It does seem a bit of a waste with the condition of the roads at the moment.
Someone's pit weird M stripes on the front of your car lol
Nice work. :thumbs:
Looks great. 6th picture still has reg.
Very nice - I do like a good white M135i
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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