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Dension 500 and MOST (Logic 7) & IPOD

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Anyone fitted one of these to retain the CD changer AND have full IPOD control via the Nav Screen? Looking into this at present and wondered if anyone has:

1) Practical experience of fitting one of these to an E87
2) Read or have any experience of the Dension 500 and what they think compared to BMW's IPOD offerings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :cool:
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Dension's compatibility chart suggests it is not compatible with i-Drive otherwise I would have investigated this further months ago!
In looking at this site it would also suggest that iDrive compatibility is not yet possible and also that the CD changer cannot be retained?

Also here is the link to Dension's Compatibility Chart
OK was posting that when you reposted :)

I'm not registered for that site are you saying its an E87 application that works or an E60?
Taken from the Dension compatibility;

Car Type Car Model ↑↓ Year from ↑↓ Year to ↑↓ Head Unit ↑↓ Model ↑↓ Type
BMW 1 Series E87 2004 NON i-Drive, Business MP3 Capable Head Unit (CDC)

BMW 1 Series E87 2004 NON i-Drive, Professional MP3 Capable Head Unit (CDC)

BMW 5 Series E60/61 2004 i-Drive,CCC(Screen8,8 MP3 Capable Head Unit (CDC)
I agree... the Dension sight says that on the E87.... but I have spoken to audio specialists who says it works on all MOST cars i.e. like ours with the Logic 7..

I will email Dension to see what they have to say.

I want it integrated and their must be a solution better than BMW's effort
Rephlex said:
OK was posting that when you reposted :)

I'm not registered for that site are you saying its an E87 application that works or an E60?
I have seen sites with it fitted and working via the I-Drive in E60's and E90's with MOST (Logic 7). I cannot see why the E87 would be different. You can even get video from the IPOD to the I Drive screen. As stated I have emailed Dension and await their reply - have you got anything in to control the IPOD yet?
Great I look forward to hearing more when you hear from Dension. I remember from using an early ICE<Link with my Golf that their after-sales/tech feedback can sometimes be a bit patchy, but overall I thought it was a great product. I think its an Hungarian company with quite a presence in the USA market.

I have a pre-facelift car with Pro Nav / Logic7 and use a Belkin power kit with 3mm Jack into Aux at present (as well as CD changer...) No complaints with quality but obviously a PITA to use and plain dangerous if on the move. Seems daft to have such a great in car system and not to be able to have full iPod functionality.

Interested to know how this would integrate with MOST and retain the CD changer.... at this stage the tech stuff starts to really go over my head :p
Taken from the dension installation guide
Gateway 500 emulates a CD changer and uses CD changer
controls to access offboard audio sources including iPod,
USB devices and Dension Gateway accessories. If your
car is not already equipped with a CD changer, it may be
necessary to have the car programmed by your dealer in
order to accept a CD changer (typically the case for BMW
and Porsche). Special note for BMW: for song title display
and browsing, it is necessary to have the BMW "MP3
Retrofit" software option programmed by your car dealer
A quick test of your car's capability to display song titles
and browse music is to see whether you can browse an
MP3 data CD inserted in the car's single CD slot. If you can,
then the BMW MP3 Retrofit is already installed in the car


Installation Type 2 (includes E87):
Vehicles with an existing CD changer

These vehicles allow selection of Gateway
audio sources and the original CD changer
by switching the mode between CD
Changer and Gateway mode, shutting down
the entertainment system fully (typically by
switching off the car and restarting it).
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Will do.... Slightly Off Topic but I have just found a thread on here which shows the split screen professional nav i.e. which way to go as you enter a roundabout using arrow view, whilst still displaying the overhead map. I asked my delaer for this function and they said it was not possible. An email is now on its way to BMW UK to ask them for their standing on this... my old BMW's did it... but no the 1'er. Seems it can.... this forum is great! :bigsmile:

I'll re post as soon as I hear from Dension :cool2:
If I put an MP3 CD disc in the car, or in the changer, the track names appear... so that works too....

If Dension give me the thumbs up I'll order one! :D
kiforrest said:
If I put an MP3 CD disc in the car, or in the changer, the track names appear... so that works too....

If Dension give me the thumbs up I'll order one! :D
This is looking promising. Glad you're willing to be the guinea pig on this occasion as I've had my fill of pioneering R&D on cars (not this 1-er - it has been perfect!)
Good to have company in the quest tp have ultimate control of the IPOD and retain the CD changer :cool2:
Dension UK were no help..... they suggested this...

Pathetic. I emailed AutoBra UK - and Dension in the states. The best hope seems to be the instructions you found on the Dension sight. Come Feb I may just order, follow those instructions and see if it works. Order on the credit card.... and if it doesn't work I can get my cash back anyway :wink:
Pathetic indeed. Keep up the good work!
OK :cool2: . From Dension....


Gateway 500 is compatible with your system.

Regards... Dension Support

> I have a 2006 BMW 1 series (E87) with the following audio related options:
> 609 Navigation System Professional (with I Drive)
> 677 Hi-Fi Sys Professional DSP
> 672 BMW 6 CD Changer
> 249 Multi - Functional Steering Wheel
> I would like to retain the CD changer and have full IPOD control via
> the I Drive. Does your Dension 500 product allow this? Your
> compatibility chart says not

3 UK suppliers all said it wasn't compatible..... so I forwarded this from Dension and they have all come back apologizing and advising the Dension 500 IS fully compatible :D . So wait for payday and order..... now looking at how to get the Video from my IPOD to the I-Drive screen :) - not that useful but something to show off with :lol2: . Think I'll mount the IPOD in the boot - hidden behind the carpet so those with light fingers don't know it's there :wink:

When I fit it I'll post pics / a write up....

Look here for an example of a retraction....

Hi Matthew, Thanks for your response. I am sorry there has been slight confusion on the compatibility of the kit. Yes, the Gateway 500 MOST kit is perfectly compatible with your car and you can retain the CD Changer as well. If you need any further help or have any query, please feel free to contact us.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
All our products are backed by a No-Risk 30 Day Money Guarantee.
Visit for details...
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Well thanks for that kiforrest! It just shows that persistence pays off. Think of all the lost sales Dension will have had to date. Unbelieveable.

Where are you thinking of in the boot? Alongside the CD changer in the l/hand side compartment, or under the boot floor along with the amplifier or whatever that bit of electronics is?

I look forward to hearing more in a few weeks.

My iPod 60GB Photo seems to have died as the sad ipod icon is back permanently :evil: , so I'm going to be trading up to a 160GB Classic too. At least I'll be able to fit my library on again and not just be restricted to Playlists :)
Doh. Now I'm reading that the Dension may not fully support the new "Classic" iPods :twisted:

More digging required!
Boxster installation instructions here, more detail than I've seen elsewhere, although it is showing how a basic (albeit MOST) head unit controls the device rather than the more sophisticated iDrive interface -
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