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Bye everyone!

So I’ve owned the BMW for two years now, I recently started looking at what else I could order ready to PX in just under a year, turns out there’s not a lot out there for the same budget so I decided to cash in early and walk away before the shortage ends and I’m not in positive equity any more.

A local garage offered me 6k over my outstanding finance so I’ve bought an old VW golf mk5 and I have put the rest in the bank until prices come back down or dealers start doing decent orders again.

Not really the position I wanted to be in again driving an old car that doesn’t have a warranty but couldn’t say no to 6k my way! The plan is to keep it for a year whilst I save up a decent deposit and see where I’m at in a years time!

Thanks all for the advice along the way, hopefully I’ll be back again one day

I have a few parts such as 10mm spacers etc I’ll be putting in the for sale section!
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