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Croft track day, tuition and track insurance

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I am currently away with work until the beginning of July and I haven't driven my car for months now!
So I decided on my return I am going to have a track day, Croft is only 10 miles down the road from me (Darlington) so I thought it would be the logical choice... I have only done 2 track days before (Nurburgring twice in my fiesta ST) and loved it.
What I am asking I suppose is this:
1. Is Croft a good circuit?
2. I definitely want track insurance without a doubt, but which company is the best to go for?
3. The website offers tuition for £20, Is it worth it?

Any advice on this is appreciated, I know it's early still, but I am trying to keep my self occupied!

Thanks guys!
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£20 sounds like money well spent to me, every day is a school day. :)
Thanks marco very fast response! Track day insurance is more expensive than I expected at £125 but I'm not willing to risk not having it.
And like you say that £20 sounds good value even if to just learn the track properly.
Has anyone been to Croft before?
20 pounds is probably only 20 minutes or so. Perhaps consider some tuition early in the day to get an idea of the lines and then more after lunch when you're getting more confident? It is definitely worth it for a track you are unfamiliar with!
Read Deadeye's thread about track day mishaps and be certain you want to risk the M135i.
(Alternatively pop out and buy a Clio 182 or similar for beer money and rag that instead...)
I thought track day insurance would cover said mishaps?
£20 is superb value. There is only so much the brain can take beyond that anyway. One session first thing, second one mid morning and third one early PM. Best £60 ever spent.
Doubt it. My TD insurance covers me for 10K of damage but with a 1K excess!
Croft is quite a cool track but nothing exciting.
Moris seem to cover the full amount for the car value which seems good. And I will rarely do track days so another car really isn't worth it for me.
Also track day insurance is the same as any insurance.

I've done track days and nurburgring trips without it. If I binned it I'd be fooked. If I don't, I save a couple/few hundred quid.
Which website you booking the trackday through Keith?

I wonder if we could set up a group buy?
BMWCC have 2 Croft visits this year, one in July and one October.
I'm not bothering as its 280 miles from home and although enjoyable not like Cadwell, Oulton etc.
I pay about £100 for 20k track day cover if use 135 instead of M3, 1k excess iirc with Moris.
Croft is a great circuit and my local one too as im just down a66 near penrith, its a good circuit for improving your track driving as well as its a nice fast flowing circuit, plenty of run off in most areas as well should you push a little too hard, probably worth have a instructor session as well to give you some good pointers and speed up learning the circuit.

Ive driven Croft a lot in various cars and if im free on the day your there I would be happy to pop over and help you round the circuit, if I can I will book my car on as well and can give you a few passenger laps to try and help out, all depends when it is and if im available etc but I like to get to croft at least a couple of times a year if I can.

Track insurance wise its a good idea on a high value car like yours just go with a reputable company, my insurer (pace ward) offer a very good track policy if insured with them but as with most its quite a hefty excess if you need to claim, so wont be totally painless on the wallet should it all go wrong, excess is usually something like 10-15% of car value!...better than total loss with no payout though. I don't bother insuring this 130i but I have with other higher value cars in past.

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I also enjoyed Croft. Did it in my brothers Exige a couple of years back.

I'm used to Knockhill which is very undulating and Croft is the opposite- totally flat, but it's a very quick circuit and great fun.

The Jim Clark Esses and the Sunny in/ sunny out complex are the best bits, great feeling when you hook an inside wheel in the strange camber on the exit of sunny out.

I'd say do the sighting laps, grab a passenger lap or two with someone if you can then have a few gentle laps and grab some instruction mid-morning once you know which way the track goes.
I paid £79.75 10% Excess with Pace Ward for Donnington in October.
Been using them for over 10 years and there rates are getting cheaper.
Japanred120d said:
Which website you booking the trackday through Keith?

I wonder if we could set up a group buy?
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It was just the first one I googled, about £160 for the day I am looking at, probably be in August as I'm not 100% sure when I'm back in the UK yet. But I would love to have some sighting laps, passenger laps, and tuition from members here :)
Really want to make the most of the day when it comes round to it and as much as I tell myself I'm the perfect driver already, I'm far from it!
Be better to look at javelin track days they're a top bunch :)
Like most have said, get the instruction for £20! its a good little circuit a bit bumpy in places, Jim Clark S's is the only place you have to give respect 100mph plus bend! But the rest is quite safe.
Just watch a few vid's from Youtube to see which way it goes!
Here's one from yonk's ago I did in the CSL at croft! Turn up the volume :)
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Christ! It sounds like you threw an angry bear into a volcano! Looks like a good lap that you pulled off too!
And I will have a look a javelin track days too, thanks for the tip br0wny!
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