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Hi Guys, well got stung after buying this on ebay. I know buy cheap buy twice (£72) but was on a budget. Ordered this and fitted back in February and is just about to fall apart. Tried getting refund but seller said 2 year warranty only valid if fitted by a mechanic. Anyway I can get around this, please helpful answers only. Have tried to get ebay involved but site is sending me around in circles. Cheers View attachment 17094
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This may help you, have a read through but your well within the timeframe for a replacement free of charge as its gone over 30 days which is when you are eligible for a full refund.

You might need to reread it a few times to get your head around it but when you do you’ll have a few tools going forward for any purchases, also his terms and conditions don’t stand a chance if they contradict the government legislation.

This purchase is a long distance sale so you have more rights that what you’d have if you purchased face to face.
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