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Again in the hope this might help someone else...

Comfort access hasn't worked on my car since I bought it. I did lots of Googling, trying to figure out what was up. To disambiguate, comfort access is the system to unlock the doors with the fob still in a bag or pocket by the act of simply touching the door handle. Not to be confused with keyless entry which is just pushing the button on the fob.

I got a remote coder to connect to the car to check the vehicle order (VO / FA) to see if comfort access had been removed from the system to disable it. I know some people do this because comfort access is not popular in some places due to the increased risk of theft. I needed a remote coder as I still haven't managed to find a decent place to download ISTA. The guy connected to the car and confirmed that the option (S322) was present and correct in the VO / FA.

I had previously scanned the car with Carly and there was a fault code (804103) for a line disconnection in the antenna behind the rear bumper. In my ignorance, I expected that this would only result in less coverage for the comfort access, hence the efforts above. But no! I removed the rear bumper and replaced the rear antenna today after grabbing a second hand jobbie off eBay. Lo and behold, the comfort access sprang to life. Didn't even need to clear the code.

So, if your comfort access packs up completely, it may only be a single antenna that's faulty, disabling the whole system.

Thanks BMW! ;) Seriously, why is that the designed behaviour? A reduced coverage would surely be better (there are two other antennas). The cynic in me thinks a monetary motive which is disappointing.

Now to start stashing my fob in a lead-lined tin :p
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