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Colour choice

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I'm really struggling to pick a colour. I had originally ordered MG, but was considering LBB. I managed to view a LBB X5M a few weeks ago and to me it should be called Long Beach Green!!.

I was really hoping to like LBB as it is the only real colour, but came away thinking it was ok/I could live with it. The slightly dirty MG M4 next to it looked really dull also. My last few cars have been white so didn't really want white again and BSM would drive me insane.

Do I just ordered LBB and wrap it if I decide I don't really like it ?
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I am with you, such a poor colour choice, really have no idea.

The LBB on the X5M has really put me off, so now I am thinking Black (but my last two cars have black) or MG... Hmm

Need to see the M2 in the metal!
The pictures of the grey looked better than the blue. I think blue will be the most popular colour.

Colour is personal. You can't go too far wrong.
Have to agree with Kerr, there ...
is no right answer. I can appreciate all of the colours in a different way, seeing it in the metal will make all the difference. I'm liking the m2 in the pics but I'm hoping it has a similar impact as the 1m coupe, I wasn't in love with it from pics but up close and personal you really notice the widened track and arches.

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Think a trip to BMW HQ maybe in order, I know they have LBB and white cars down there. They have probably got a grey and black car hidden some where as well.
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