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Clutch noise 118d m sport

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Hi all,

I know I only posted the other day but something else is up with my car.

The clutch . Mechanically it seems like it's working fine but ever since the temperatures have dropped its started to make a noise that is very noticeable.

Has anyone else experienced this?

If I ⅓ press it, it sounds like it's brushing against something and when it's fully pressed it sounds like the engine is getting louder.

It's booked in at BMW on Wednesday for a free check as it has a warranty but obviously the clutch is wear and tear that I might have to fish out for - I've only had the car 4 months so surely BMW would have checked everything under their so called AUC checks :/

I've recorded a sound note so if anyone has iMessage or whatsapp PM myself and I would send it to you - if you're happy to do so.

If there is nothing wrong with it but BMW try to con me is there a chance that someone who is a bit more knowledgeable than myself be able to look at it?

I'm based in Burnham (Slough/Beaconsfield/Maidenhead/Taplow/Windsor) so anywhere fairly local to me is fine, I don't mind travelling if anyone is able to give up their time.

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Btw if you can't see my sig it is a 2011 118d M Sport with now 58k miles on the clock.

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Clutch Release Bearing, from what you've said.

they're not directly mileage related. Wears out if a driver rides the clutch, or spends a lot of time with the clutch depressed at the lights (instead of knocking it into Neutral).
marco_polo said:
Clutch Release Bearing, from what you've said.

they're not directly mileage related. Wears out if a driver rides the clutch, or spends a lot of time with the clutch depressed at the lights (instead of knocking it into Neutral).
Thanks for the prompt reply! Do you know how much I'd be looking at to get it repaired?

Or would that be covered by the AUC warranty?

Surely if I've only done 6k miles since I've had the car it would have been on its way out before?

Also is it urgent to get repaired? I don't want to be driving if something is damaging the clutch even more and there is bits of my gearbox on the m40

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It's a gearbox-off job, you might as well fit a whole clutch kit in there while it's apart (assuming it is the CRB).

As soon as a CRB starts to wear, you'll hear and feel it. I doubt you would have bought it if the CRB was toast!

I doubt it's going to let go instantly, but ignore it long enough and it will probably leave you stranded somewhere. :( Get it diagnosed, and go from there.
So is it likely to be a coincidence that it's just happened since the temperatures have dropped?

I can't believe this car it seems like it's been more trouble than it's worth since I've had it .

My w reg Astra had 0 problems

That's likely to be 800+ isn't it from main dealer?

I'm only 22 and I can't believe the amount of stress owning a slightly premium car that is meant to be reliable - it's got a full service history so it's been look aftered and I rarely thrash it.

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N47's are not reliable unfortunately. You're buying parts of a £24k car sadly, always going to be a bit expensive.

Get it diagnosed, and if BMW won't fix it under warranty (push them hard), then get at least 3 quotes from local BMW Indy's.
Sounds like Clutch release bearing like Marco said... Not worth changing until clutch or Flywheel needs changing imo, I lived with the same noise on my 2008/118d for along time until my Flywheel started to fail (that sounds nasty btw) at 130, on 140,000 now and release bearing noise has returned a little every now and then...meh!

my N47 has been very reliable BTW :wink: good motor, go indie for fitting I got a LUK clutch/Flywheel very reasonably off Eurocarparts with a promo code...
I just hope BMW is feeling kind enough to do it under the warranty! I mean it's the least they can do since they sold and delivered the car to me with a handbrake that didn't work and I was told at another official BMW dealership that it was unsafe and should have failed it's MOT?!

They've also not done anything in return for goodwill other than adjust the handbrake, I mean come on I've had kids in the car whilst it's been parked at a petrol station?

Ultimate driving machine when BMW can't even maintain the simple things.

So I just know the car must've been neglected through testing for AUC.

I drive properly and this problem with the clutch isn't down to me, I just know it isn't. Maybe the previous owner but even then BMW should have checked everything before it was delivered.

They also fixed a leather bolster on a sit that is ripping again, no doubt they will say that will be wear and tear even though it's been 4 months - but all new parts come with a 2 year warranty.

I don't have the time to keep arguing or chasing them because of work and other commitments.

It's such a shame :/

Hey - does anyone want to buy my car?

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Hi all, just thought I'd give you an update on my car.

So, the car went in this morning for inspection and turns out my flywheel had collapsed? I'm not entirely sure what that means but anyway BMW are repairing it under my AUC warranty, including new clutch, dmf, crb and some sort of pump? Can't remember what the pump does but it has some kind of fluid or oil in there.

Few other bits and bobs but I'll explain that in a later post once I know more!

But I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who had an input.

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marco_polo said:
Not bad hey! Engine sounds much better and now gear changes are as smooth as butter! Best the car has felt since I've had it!

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