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Clutch judder

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I've noticed if I'm pulling away at low speed 'like crawling out of a junction' in 2nd gear the clutch judders and you can hear a metallic chatter too.

Not sure why I've only just started noticing this, im pretty sure it hasn't always felt - sounded this way, being very gradual with the clutch and balancing it as I've always done with the throttle.

Anyone else get this? Be good to here from any other manuals on here!

Should I get it checked out?
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How many miles has your car done? Every manual BMW I've owned has suffered from clutch judder but not the noise you describe.

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If you labour the engine (crawl away in 2nd gear for example) it trashes the DMF. Keep the revs up!

The only thing worse for a DMF is stalling, which sends a nasty torque wave right through them.

Mines on 21k and no hint of judder.
Mines 65 plate with 5k, I'll certainly take your advise and stop labouring the clutch and trying to get away with 2nd when I should probably be in 1st.

Marco, are you saying you don't even get a judder if you're doing what I've explained in 2nd or because you use 1st in those situations?
I've not had judder under any circumstances, but I prefer to use 1st & keep my revs up for this very reason. Not sure if it would judder if I tried labouring the crap out of it, I'll try it the next time I get a courtesy car!
Lol, ok point taken Marco!
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