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CIC to NBT retrofit?

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So after some messages between myself and wibbles, he brought me to the conclusion that my M135i has the older CIC and I'm truly pissed at this lol, I know it's only something minor but I've now decided I would like the NBT (newer system) is it possible to retrofit and if so what is needed??

Any help is greatly appreciated, I've found on eBay the newer touch pad iDrive controller and the newer screen, and think I can get them both for under £300, what else is needed??


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There is a whole host of things to change... controller and the screen is just two of them...

The NBT kit has the hdd, the GPS module etc..etc...

Where i am, the retrofit with brand new parts easily sets you back 1k to 1.5k

I am not exactly sure if it is worth the money

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