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Calling all BMW/Sound enthusiasts: Help needed with installation of Match Up 8 DSP amplifier in F21 1 Series!

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently facing difficulties in finding information about how to install a Match Up 8 DSP amplifier in my BMW 1 Series F21 (base sound system). Despite searching through various forums and the internet, I have not been able to find a clear answer.

Could anyone provide me with some guidance or advice on how to install this amplifier? I am curious about the necessary tools and parts required for the installation, as well as any potential challenges that may arise. While I understand that it is a plug and play device, I am uncertain whether I need plastic trim tools, torx drivers, or any other specific equipment. Are there any wiring modifications required for installation, or any additional parts or components needed to complete the installation, such as adapters or wiring harnesses.

I'm pretty handy with tools but for context I don't even know where exactly the stock amp is to remove, although I understand it is near RPS wheel arch.

Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello and welcome 120D, sorry, can't help you with your problem, but you should be able to find the location of your current amp here:-

A few have fitted in USA. Seen it on diyma or one of the addicts websites, probably 2 rather than 1 as not sure they even have 1 series in the us. Should be the same on 1 and 2 series and pretty sure it wires in nsr using same wiring harness and speakers.

im probably using a jbl ms8 and replacing hk speakers and amps when I do mine.
Dunno if you ever got this sorted but I’ve just picked up a full Match setup (including an Up 7DSP amp) from subliminal sounds and Dave the owner spent 35mins on the phone to me explaining the whole install process. I haven’t actually done it yet (prob next weekend) but I do have a decent idea of what’s required and I have all the bits here so if you still have questions I’d be happy about passing it on.
Oh and just to add, if you have base audio in a UK car you probably don’t have an amp at all. My 2 series certainly doesn’t. So it’s a bit more involved than simply swapping the amp. It’s still effectively plug and play as no OEM wiring is affected but you have to run an extension to the boot, get power from the battery there and for best performance, run new speaker wire to the underwear subs from the match amp.
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