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Bye Bye E46 M3, hello M135i :-)

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Hi peeps,

Picked up my new toy few days ago - here's a pic. Was gutted to say goodbye to my E46 M3 but am enjoying settling into the new car....

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How do the 2 cars compare?
Man or auto?

V nice
Looks just like mine!!!! Lol Great Choice.
few options on it:

8 speed auto shift
Adaptive M Suspension
Pro Nav
Harmon Kardon

Haven't had enough time to compare in detail but I can tell the M135i can hold its own against the E46 M3.

When you put your foot down in the M3 is was more of an "event" / attracted a lot of attention. In the M135i it is just as quick (if not quicker!) but less ceremony involved...

At low speeds, around tight roads the M135i is a lot easier to manouver and handle - but then again you dont really see the best of an M3 in those situations so just trying to be fair compare apples with apples etc etc.

Will try and jot down a few more notes / findings / thoughts over the next little while...

I'm liking the exhaust parp/low thud noise when pushing on in Sport mode on upshifts that's for sure ;-)
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Congrats on the purchase no doubt you will enjoy it
The E46 M3 is a great car, the M135i is a great replacement.

Very different in their approach, but very effective at what they do. The M135i is probably the better all round car though. It's so easy so drive day to day.
Welcome to the club - I previously had a M3 E46 and still miss it however the M135i is much easier day to day and feels lots quicker in my opinion - although I love the sound of an E46 on full chat
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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