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Buying a M235i with a remap

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Hi I found a really nice M235i which the previous owner has remapped I wonder if anyone can sort of interpret things so I am more clued up and just give me any info really. I am not very technical to say the least but that's hopefully where you come in.

Receipt says:

EST performance stage 1 custom ECU and TCU software package
Removed and replaced charge pipe from throttle body to intercooler

Font Rectangle Parallel Slope Pattern
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That torque curve on that looks very "boosty"

For comparison here's a graph of my mates mapped M235i

View attachment 22604

Red is the stock map, and green the remap. IIRC the mods on his car at the time were an upgraded charge pipe, k&n filter, VSRF sports car, and resonator delete. The torque curve is pretty much identical to the stock map, just more everywhere.

Since then he's added a Pure 500 turbo, VSRF intercooler, and a stock B58 hpfp and had the map redone resulting in some great gains:

View attachment 22606

Again, it's retained a close to stock torque curve which makes it much nicer to drive compared to having lag followed by a big surge of boost/torque
One of the best mappers in the game is paul
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