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Burning clutch smell

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Hi All,

I recently purchased a new 118 sport Petrol and within a week a severe burning smell started happening on a regular basis inside the cab, it smells like hardcore riding of the clutch- which is not happening. I took it into BMW and eventually after some time they replaced the clutch, I am now driving it again and the same smell is happening just as intense and on every ride. One of the mechanics said he had that kind of issue as he has the same make and year but it went away after 2k miles. I am not sure how he drove it for such a long time with that smell as It is really intense.

Has anyone else had any issues sounding the same with the new 118 sport as it seems weird that it is happening twice and the mechanic also says he had an issue ?


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I'm wondering if a caliper is seizing, smells pretty similar? Any brake disc discolouration?
Thanks Marco,

I will have a look at the brakes. The dealer had it in the shop for almost a month so I would have thought they would have looked at that being an issue before forking out for a new clutch, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.
Thanks, I think it has come to that now. I have already been speaking to BMW finance about rejecting the car but they have been dragging their heels, but I have had enough of the car, and the missus doesn't even want to drive in it now because of the smell.
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