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Brake Light Switch

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Hi all, good to put some faces to usernames on Saturday.

Could someone point me to the location of the brake light switch please.

I assume it's up near the top of the pedal but before removing the undertrim, I thought I would check first.

Also, is it adjustable as I want it to come on as soon as I touch the pedal and does it control anything other than the brake lights which could be affected by an adjustment?

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I would expect it to be up the top of the pedal too, probably a small arm off one side with the switch behind.

If it is like that, I'd just shim the arm a little (so easily reversible).
They normally work the other way round such that the switch is pressed when the pedal isn't, that's if they aren't doing it off brake fluid pressure and there isn't a switch at all.
Yup, I think you're right, it does look like a 'normally open' switch (black square plastic switch nearest the camera):

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That's helpful MP, thanks.

Does it look as if it's accessible and easy to adjust bearing in mind the position in the car?
That's a library picture. I've not had a look at mine, but no, it doesn't look easy to access / adjust.

You're going to need to increase the distance between switch and arm, I wonder if you can modify/file the switch a tiny bit??
Had a look today and there doesn't appear to be any moving parts of the switch. It looks as if it senses the the metal bracket fixed to the peddle moving away and it also looks as if it is what limits the upward travel of the pedal.
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