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Good afternoon

I want to share, and ask for a solution in my problem with BMW f21 2012 116i m sport..

Firstly after trying 3 times wheel aligment the car still going to the left, and when i start moving steer wheel to right, i heard something like rubbing my left wheel.. I buy half year ago new alloys JR22. stabilizator, control arms, are okay.. Just left rear disc is crooked, but i dont think thats the problem,

Also for the second, Oil level sensor,
Cant connect with the car computer so i cant measure Oil level, and because of that i cant reset my Oil service, ive checked with BMW and i have correct Hella Oil level sensor. I have to go to bmw or electromechanic but im not happy to pay expensive hourly rate for them and not sure if they will fix it, wires and plugs are okay.. Could be software?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.. :)
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