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BMW dropping the 'i' from petrol models

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Breaking yet another long-standing brand tradition, BMW is apparently planning to drop the i from model names. When the F70 1 Series launches in 2024, the 118 and M135 are expected to be the first series petrol models not to carry the i since BMW went all-in on fuel injection in the 80s.

No news on the diesel models yet. You'd hope that they'd keep some way to differentiate the two, but considering recent decisions from the bigwigs in Munich, whether BMW will give those models the d or not is anyone's guess.

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I'm not sure diesel models will survive the Euro 7 regulations that come in from July 2025.
You could be right but I feel like it would be strange to have diesel models on the roadmap when they’d be illegal 6-8 months after launch. Unless they were identical to the old models drivetrain wise and there was no derv-specific development costs to recoup, it doesn’t seem like long enough to turn a profit on the model.
I might be wrong, but I thought Euro 7 only applied to cars requiring new homologation and existing models could continue to be produced for a set period of time (typically 2 years?).

Either way, I'm surprised BMW still have diesels on their roadmap.
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