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This discussion refers to CCC iDrive head units


πŸ‘‰ CCC iDrive repair for all possible faults. All CCC units can be repaired. At least by us.

&#x1f926-2642; The BMW dealer will not offer a repair. They usually quote customers for a replacement (quite steep).

Mura Car Accessories has πŸ’―% success rate on CCC head unit repairs. Need more info on our CCC repair service ? Head over to our BMW CCC repair page.

If your CCC reboots, works only occasionally, the CCC drains your battery, does not start at all or if it has any another symptom, we can help.

almost all CCC repairs cost 200 EUR (click here for full rates and exceptions)

REGULAR: 2-3 business days
EXPEDITED: same day

OPTIONS: regular | expedited
LOCATIONS: worldwide

πŸ’¬ πŸ“ž You want to get in touch with Mura Car Accessories customer support ? Head over to

πŸ¦„ We are the unicorn in this line of business: 5-star customer reviews, recommended on 40+ international forums, our customers ❀ us !

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---- Short on time ? Head over to our BMW CCC repair page and get in touch there : use the chat πŸ’¬, the contact form πŸ“§or give us a call πŸ“ž -----

----β„ΉIf you want to hear more, keep reading below ----

CCC iDrive issues are extremely common. Unfortunately, the BMW dealers choose not to offer repair services, but instead try to sell new units to customers all the time.

For example, this is the quote one of our clients got from his dealer before reaching us (this is his review for us on Google+):

And here's another one:

πŸ’Έ This overpriced purchase is totally unneeded, as all CCC iDrive faults can be repaired.

πŸ”§ BMW CCC iDrive repair for all faults

If you have a CCC navigation computer on your BMW and you are experiencing one the following symptoms:

  • CCC iDrive reset: the CCC head unit reboots continuously, as a result your screen cycles between the BMW logo and a black screen
  • The CCC iDrive does not boot completely: when started, it remains stuck on the BMW logo.
  • The iDrive is fully functional on some days, but fails to boot successfully on other days, most likely when the weather is warmer.
  • The CCC head unit functions when the car is cold, but fails to work when the car is warm
  • The CCC iDrive is completely non functional, as a result your screen remains black. No navigation functions can be controlled from iDrive controller anymore.
  • The cooling fan of the CCC iDrive remains on, consequently draining the car battery
  • The iDrive sat nav does not eject the CD / DVD anymore when pressing the Eject button.
  • The CCC console buttons lights remain always on
  • You sometimes see graphical disturbances (horizontal and vertical lines) on the screen. If these graphical anomalies appear at the same time as the CCC iDrive reboots, then the strange lines on the screen are most likely caused by a faulty CCC, not by a faulty display.
  • Total lack of sound. If you don't have a separate sound amplifier module, then the lack of sound is likely caused by the CCC iDrive.
  • Disturbing noise: sound parasites, crackling noise, screeching noise after a dead battery / disconnecting the battery / replacing the battery.
Then it sounds like your CCC module is faulty and need to be removed and repaired.

The CCC iDrive head unit is usually found on these BMW models
  • BMW 1 Series 2004 - 2008 (E81, E82, E87, E8:cool2:
  • BMW 3 Series 2004 - 2008 (E90, E91, E92, E93, M3)
  • BMW 5 Series 2004 - 2009 (E60, E61, M5)
  • BMW 6 Series 2003 - 2009 (E63, E64, M6)
  • BMW X5 E70 2006 - 2010, BMW X6 E71

πŸ‘‰ If you have the CIC iDrive model, please see our BMW CIC repair service

πŸ‘‰ For the M-ASK iDrive model, see our BMW M-ASK iDrive repair service

πŸ‘‰ Not sure what's your iDrive model ? Check out our "Do I have a M-ASK, CCC, CIC or NBT iDrive navigation" blog post ? Or see our "What is a CCC unit" article

β„ΉHow to remove the CCC module from your BMW

Here are two easy to follow, step by step tutorials with pictures, illustrating:

Also, see how to remove a CCC from a BMW E90 in our YT video

πŸ™‹ Have a question ?
πŸ‘‰ Reach out through our website [URL=]

πŸ‘‡ Or ask here if the question could be of general interest. This way we share the info with more people that the issue may concern.
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